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Accomodation containers

Do you need affordable, easy-to-move high quality living areas for a home or an office? If you do, then CHS Container Bulgaria’s 20-feet accommodation containers are our answer to your needs. Manufactured by strict German standards, they are an up-to-date way for you to build effective and comfortable, and why not permanent office or housing areas at your site.

Each unit has two PVC windows with roulette blinders and an aluminium locking door, with a set of 3 keys. The electrical system includes built-in 3 sockets and 2 neon lights. In order for our container to fully suit your needs, we offer you the option to choose their layout by yourself. All walls are insulated, with built-in electrical wiring and 220V sockets. All you need to do is to supply power to the standard CEE-socket of the container and you’ll have lights and electricity inside.


Interior dimensions (l/w/h) (m.) 6,06 / 2,44 / 2,79
Exterior dimensions (l/w/h) (m.) 5,86 / 2,24 / 2,52
Door (w/h) (m.) 0,83 / 2,23
Tare (kg.) 1900

The containers’ construction allows joining multiple numbers of units into one or more bigger rooms, and also creating 2 or 3-storey buildings. The practically countless possible combinations give the unique ability for quick and easy assembling of housing facilities that meet exactly every customer’s individual needs, as our team is always ready to offer you the configuration that best meets your requirements.



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