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Sea, Accomodation, Office, Refrigerated and Special Containers.

Sea/Standard containers

Whether you need a comfortable and reliable means of transportation for various goods, or you’re just looking for some multifunctional and affordable storage rooms, CHS Container Bulgaria’s standard sea containers are what you need.

Accomodation containers

Do you need affordable, easy-to-move high quality living areas for a home or an office? If you do, then CHS Container Bulgaria’s 20-feet accommodation containers are our answer to your needs.

Refrigerated containers

CHS Container Bulgaria offers brand new 20 refrigerated containers, specially designed as storage facilities.

Special containers

Designed for carriage of oversize cargoes, which require loading through the roof with crane, these containers are very useful for transport of machinery, equipment, pipes etc.


“CHS CONTAINER Handel GmbH” was established in Bremen in 1978. As one of the largest companies in this branch it deals with the purchase and sale of containers, the renting and leasing of containers and room units as well as the production of special containers according to customer specification. Every year about 8,000 mostly used ocean containers, which have been overhauled and equipped according to customers’ wishes, are sold to shipping companies and exporters as well as to forwarding companies and transport firms. Even more significant is the trade of leasing and renting containers to the same circle of customers and to industry as well as to military customers from Germany and from abroad.


“CHS Container Bulgaria” Ltd officially started its activity on the Bulgarian market on July 03 2007, as an exclusive representative for “CHS CONTAINER Handel GmbH” for the country. The young and ambitious team set off to repeat the mother-company’s successes on the local market, since recently part of the European Union. The head office of the company, as well as the storage depot, are located in Varna, the “sea capital” of Bulgaria – a town that’s known as one of the main transportation hubs in the country, and also a prospering industrial centre. Or, in other words, the perfect environment for a progressive, dynamic company that has strong ties with naval transportation to grow and develop.

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